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Our Anti-Bribery Policy

The Trustees of RSABI (Scottish Charity No SC009828), also being Directors of RSABI (Scottish Company No 268622), recognise their duty to ensure that the charity is compliant with the law.

Against the background of RSABI’s work as defined in its Objects; the fact that RSABI operates only within the United Kingdom and is not currently involved in significant commercial contracts, the Trustees consider that the risk of the charity contravening The Bribery Act 2010 to be very small.

For the avoidance of doubt however, RSABI expressly prohibits anyone associated with the charity (including Trustees, permanent and temporary staff, honorary office bearers or agents acting on its behalf) from offering, giving, soliciting or accepting any bribe (of whatever nature) in order to advantage in any way the charity, themselves or persons/businesses connected with either.

Trustees require that any suspicion of activities of this nature to be brought to the attention, as appropriate, of the Chairman or Chief Executive or, should either be implicated, the Appointments Sub Committee of the RSABI Board of Directors. Evidence of such activity will be used in disciplinary misconduct action against the staff member, or will result in the Trustee or Office Bearer being required to demit office. Any individual convicted of an offence under the Bribery Act 2010 in connection with activities not relating to the charity will be similarly treated. Businesses convicted of any such offence will not subsequently be used by RSABI.

The giving or receiving of appropriate hospitality, or small gifts by way of “thank yous” are not prohibited by this policy if reasonable in context and not initiated with any intention to improperly influence any decision or process, or provide reward for doing so. 

For the purposes of transparency, the Chief Executive of RSABI will maintain a register of hospitality and gifts, given or received, with an individual value of £50 or more. Trustees, staff and other agents acting on behalf of the charity are requested to notify the Chief Executive of any gifts or hospitality received or given in excess of this amount, in connection with their activities with the charity.

The Trustees will review this policy and its associated procedures annually, and in the event of any developments which might indicate risk of contravention of the Act.

Copies of this policy will be provided to all Trustees, staff and honorary office bearers, as well as to all individuals or businesses contracted to act on behalf of the charity. This policy will also be posted on the RSABI website.

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