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How to be a Perfect Farm Wife

How to be a Perfect Farm Wife

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As a companion to our distinctively Scottish compilation of funny stories, "Farming is a Funny Business", our Irish cousins have given us their take on Farming in Ireland through this thoroughly entertaining read.


Farmer/farmer’s wife and author Lorna Sixsmith presents her uniquely Irish slant on what it takes to become a Perfect Farm Wife.

She knows what it is like to have the village appraise your signature dish, how to stay calm during the dreaded “testing”, how to interpret “farm speak”, and what to do to keep the hens happy.

More importantly she knows how to cheat to give the impression you are a PERFECT farm wife. This book is packed with history, advice, recipes, hints and tips (and quizzes along the way to see how you measure up). The best advice is always to keep a sense of humour, and Lorna’s shines through in her writing.

This is a perfect read for all farm wives and girlfriends (and husbands and boyfriends), and country lovers everywhere.

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