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Help us help them - supporter appeal

Join our Supporter Scheme as a Business for as little as £150/year and make a big difference to someone struggling to cope in Scottish Agriculture. Read case studies about people we are helping here. View the full Appeal letter  and our current list of businesses including working farms.

 Why support RSABI?

RSABI provides emotional, practical and financial support to individuals and their families across the agricultural sector including farming, crofting and growing.

In recent years RSABI has experienced a surge in demand for services as well as a strong response from the wider agricultural community to assist us in our vital work. 

We are here in times of industry crisis to quickly support those affected. The suicide rate in agriculture is recognised as one of the highest in Scotland. Our helpline aims to allow people to take control of their lives

Making the decision to support RSABI on an annual basis is of vital importance to us. Join us today or sign up for a friend or relative, for as little as £25 per year as an individual and help put a stop to rural hardship.

Our Supporter Scheme

We will send you a Supporter card, bi-annual newsletters, e-bulletins, invitations to events and a complimentary copy of the annual report. You will have the satisfaction of knowing your donation is directly supporting important work

Supporter Scheme for Individuals

Supporter Scheme
Supporter Scheme - Business
Supporter Scheme - Corporate


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