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RSABI praised by Duke at AGM

21 November 2008

At RSABI's 2008 AGM, in his first speech as honorary president of RSABI, the Duke of Buccleuch said how proud he was to be continuing his late father's involvement with the charity that helps people who depended on the land for a living, but said he was concerned that some people still did not know about the charity and how it could benefit them.
He said:
"It has been a privilege to meet the people at RSABI, from the chief executive and chairman to the welfare officers and volunteers at the front line. RSABI is an essential part of the countryside we care about, dealing with very human problems and helping people who matter to us. It is remarkable what the charity has achieved to date, but what is even more impressive is that they are not standing still but continually looking forward to find other ways to help beneficiaries.
"What is most disturbing though is that parts of Scotland, where people need support, are not accessing the funds available to them because they just don't know about the charity."
The Duke attempted to motivate the AGM attendees by telling them they all have a part to play in raising the profile of RSABI across Scotland. He said:
" We all need to recruit more members and we need to talk to people about RSABI, spread the word and help raise the profile of this very worthwhile charity. RSABI has a very proud history, but the future holds even more promise."
The AGM also saw the new appointments of Margaret Anderson from Fraserburgh, David Purdie from Ochiltree and Sheena Lamont from Linlithgow as Vice Presidents of RSABI, and Howard Jefferson of Ayr as a Trustee.
RSABI, which used to be known as the Royal Scottish Agricultural Benevolent Institution, helps former farmers, farm-workers, crofters, stalkers, ghillies, forestry workers and others who have had land-based occupations, plus their dependants. Help can be in the form of annual payments or single grants, as well as ensuring that they receive their full entitlements to state benefits.


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