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Recycle your Winter Fuel Allowance

20 December 2011

 Perhaps the most significant challenge faced by those on limited incomes is the difficulty of keeping themselves warm, particularly in the depths of winter.  Old housing stock, in exposed rural locations, with fuel choices limited and significant delivery costs for others all combine to make staying warm a major expense even before considering the needs of the elderly and infirm.

Government assistance, in the form of Winter Fuel Allowances, has failed to address rising fuel costs, perpetuating the hardship of those who fear the next bill arriving and choose to leave their heating switched off.  Yet the Winter Fuel Allowance is paid to everyone over 60, regardless of need or circumstances.

If you receive Winter Fuel Allowance, but do not really need it to keep yourselves warm, please consider donating it to RSABI so that we can pass it on to someone for whom it really would make a difference to their living conditionsWe promise that every donation received will go straight out this winter to someone from the land-based sector, in need of a warmer home.

Please send your donation as a cheque to RSABI, The Rural Centre, West Mains of Ingliston, Newbridge, Midlothian, or donate on line by following this link... Click here


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