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How We Help

Financial support

In 2015/2016 RSABI provided assistance to over 900 individuals across Scotland.  Financial assistance provided totalled just over £600,000.

RSABI provides:

Regular ongoing financial support to older people and to those of any age who are no longer able to work to assist with general living costs to ensure an adequate standard of living.  RSABI makes twice–yearly payments which are weighted towards those with the most limited income and savings and we also provide additional help for TV Licences, heating, essential appliances and furnishings and at Christmas.

One-off grants for specific, essential items that applicants are unable to afford themselves, such as:-

  • disability aids
  • essential home modifications and repairs
  • respite holidays
  • car tax and insurance where a car is essential.

Financial help with general household expenses through times of crisis.  This can be provided by way of direct help, payments to suppliers (e.g. for heating oil) and/or supermarket shopping vouchers.

One-off grants towards the cost of skill training and/or accreditation where this can alleviate hardship.

Grants to individuals in special circumstances from RSABI’s Centenary Fund, where a significant improvement in their quality of life, or that of their carers, can be achieved. 

RSABI cannot provide financial help for business expenses and does not provide financial help to repay loans, overdrafts or credit facilities or to set up any debt arrangement.

Advice, practical support and friendship

RSABI strives to find the best solution to whatever problems are being faced.  If we can’t directly provide the advice needed, we generally know someone who can. 

RSABI provides:

Advice on Benefits – what you are entitled to, how to apply and help with completing complicated forms. RSABI makes sure that people that we help receive all Benefits that they are entitled to and that all statutory sources of funding have been tried.

Home visits by an experienced Case Officer as part of the initial assessment process and to provide ongoing support and friendship to our beneficiaries.

Information on help available from other charities.

Support through key life events such as bereavement, serious illness, redundancy and retirement.

When you are going through a difficult time, RSABI is here to help.

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